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Hookah Description, History, Tips & Tricks by Matteo Filla

Hookah, Shisha or Narguilé are all names of the same object and then let's see in detail this object - traditionally used in the Arab world to smoke tobacco molasses and let's adjust to our taste i.e. smoke hashish or marijuana with Shisha.

Structure and operation?
The Hookah is made from five components, 4 essential for its operation.

The Bowl
Also known as the head of the hookah, the bowl is a container, usually made out of clay or marble, that holds the coal and tobacco during the smoking session. The bowl is loaded with tobacco then covered in a small piece of perforated aluminum foil or a glass or metal screen. Lit coals are then placed on top, which allows the tobacco to heat to the proper temperature.

There is also a variation of the head which employs a fruit rather than the traditional clay bowl. The fruit is hollowed out and perforated in order to achieve the same shape and system a clay bowl has, then it is loaded and used in the same manner.

Bowls have evolved over the past two years to incorporate new designs that preserve the juices inside the tobacco. The Tangiers Phunnel Bowl and Sahara Vortex Bowl are two examples of modified hookah bowls.

is a flexible tube that can suck the smoke in the end there is a plastic mouthpiece, wood or metal.
Body and gaskets
The body of the hookah is a hollow tube. The bowl is attached to the top. Sometimes an ice bucket is attached between the body and the bowl to cool the smoke. At the bottom is a thin tube (the downstem) that is submerged in water. The point where the body meets the water jar is sealed with a gasket. Near there are at least two holes that open into the space above the water. One or more may accept a hose.

Purge valve (optional)
Many hookah are equipped with a purge valve connected to the airspace in the water jar to purge stale smoke which has been sitting unused in the jar for too long. This one-way valve is typically a simple ball bearing sitting over a port which seals the port by gravity alone and will open if positive pressure is created by blowing into the hose. The bearing will be held captive with a screw-on cover. The cover should be opened and the bearing and seat cleaned of residue and corrosion regularly to ensure proper sealing.

Water jar
The body of the hookah sits on top of the water jar. The downstem hangs down below the level of the water in the jar. Smoke passes through the body and out the downstem where it bubbles through the water. This cools and humidifies the smoke. Liquids such as fruit juice may be added to the water or used in substitution. Pieces of fruit, mint leaves, and crushed ice may be added.

A plate or ashtray sits just below the bowl to catch ashes falling off the coals.

Grommets in a hookah are usually placed between the bowl and the body, the body's gasket and the water jar and between the body and the hose. The reason for the usage of grommets although not essential (the use of paper or tape has become common) will help to seal the joints between the parts, therefore decreasing the amount of air coming in and maximizing the smoke breathed in.

The jar at the bottom of the hookah is filled with water sufficient to submerge a few centimetres of the body tube, which is sealed tightly to it. Deeper water will only increase the inhalation force needed to use it. Tobacco is placed inside the bowl at the top of the hookah and a burning charcoal is placed on top of the tobacco. Some cultures cover the bowl with perforated tin foil or a metal screen to separate the coal and the tobacco, which minimizes inhalation of coal ash with the smoke. This may also reduce the temperature the tobacco is exposed to, in order to prevent burning the tobacco directly.

When one inhales via the hose, air is pulled through the charcoal and into the bowl holding the tobacco. The hot air, heated by the charcoal evaporates (not burns) the tobacco, thus producing smoke, which is passed down through the body tube that extends into the water in the jar. It bubbles up through the water, losing heat, and fills the top part of the jar, to which the hose is attached. When a smoker inhales from the hose, smoke passes into the lungs, and the change in pressure in the jar pulls more air through the charcoal, continuing the process.

If the hookah has been lit and smoked but has not been inhaled for an extended period, the smoke inside the water jar may be regarded as "stale" and undesirable. Stale smoke may be exhausted through the purge valve, if present. This one-way valve is opened by the positive pressure created from gently blowing into the hose. It will not function on a multiple-hose hookah unless all other hoses are plugged. Sometimes one-way valves are put in the hose sockets to avoid the need to manually plug hoses.

The tobacco for hookahs are very similar to those used for traditional pipe, but highly spiced and mixed with alcohol glucose liquid (molasses) very thick and sticky substance that has two purposes:

* Delay the combustion
* Sweeten the smoke

Tobacco may be flavored (there are apple, mint, lemon, cappuccino, melon, liquorice, fishing, strawberry, orange, coffee, cherry, grape) or not (tombeki ).

There are many manufacturers of tobacco for shisha in all countries of the Arab world, and with increasing popularity of the Shisha, you can find Molasses in Tobacco Shop in all big cities.

All the names of the Hookah
Hookah (Hindi: हुक्का, Urdu: حقہ hukka) derives from uqqua which means small vase, the name refers to the original construction method of the water jar.

Shisha comes from Persian shishe (شیشه litterally glass), or from Arabic Hashish (حشيش) is the name of marijuana or derivatives and was used as an alternative to the word tobacco.

(Arabic: شيشة, Hebrew: נרגילה, Nargilah) or (Turkish: nargile) is the most common name used throughout the Arab world - often the 'N' is truncated in the original Arabic, Argile.

Ghelyoon Iran
huqqa Pakistan and India

The Hookah is born in India, and there got its name. It spread worldwide during the Ottoman Empire, the Turks called it Narghilé and developed the design. This was because under the Ottoman Empire the hookah was popular among the upper classes and had to change the rough look. Hookah bars became popular and the the man in charge of preparing the hookah was considered like a chef, preparation was complex and had to be done carefully.

Hookah culture then spread throughout the Arab world and only recently also in Europe - where during the Ramadan period, in countries with less prejudice, Muslims shared this fantastic object. Try to Believe. So here's the new fashion for Shisha / Hookah Louge Bar, in all major cities in the world hookah lounge are among the most beautiful and pleasant place - for the beautiful oriental decoration and peaceful atmosphere.

The first mention in literature is in the memoirs of William Hickey and dates back to 1775, Hickey called this object Hookah and that is precisely why in the Anglo-Saxon world the term hookah is used. Another curiosity, the most famous person to smoke a shisha is probably the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll's.

How to Prepare a Hookah
Before starting rinse well all its parts, to remove the dust and small residues of tobacco and the smell anyway. Do not ever reuse the water from a previous smoke.

1. Fill the jar with water so that the stick is 3cm dip.

You can also add ice to the bowl and then add water until the level indicated and the smoke will be much cooler.
You can also put the jar in the freezer to cool, if it is winter you can just keep it on the balcony where there is snow and make little "balls" of snow entering the neck and you can use snow instead of ice.

2. Mount the body of the Hookah making sure that is sealed. Hookah with screw rather than snap are better.

3. Mount the tray and the hose.

4. Prepare the bowl with tobacco.
This is the more delicate step. Do not press the tobacco but break it and make sure there is space in between the pieces so that hot air can pass through the tobacco and burn it on all sides.

Or crumble the tobacco and end with your finger and make a small hole in the center, so that the shape is a donut.

5. Prepare the aluminum foil, cut it 5cm larger than the diameter of the bowl. Put the shiny side down and fold the wings.

6. Make the small holes with a sharp object, the hookah clamps have a metal awl. Start with a hole in the middle then do circles around, three circles are sufficient for a normal smoke.

If you want a stronger smoke, make two more larger holes near the edge of the bowl. More holes does not necessarily mean more smoke, more holes means more oxygen and this mean that the tobacco will burn faster. If you make too many holes, it will burn too fast and you feel a burning smell if they are too little, tobacco does not burn properly.

7. Light the charcoal and put it on the foil lay a little on the side, breath strong in order to light the hookah, one the charcoal is finished, put another tablet on the other side.

Tips & Tricks
Wash well the Hookah after each smoke, especially you change frequently the tobacco flavour. The tobacco is not burned then the smell of Shisha has nothing to do with the smell of a dirty ashtray or a bong. Water from the tap is ok to clean the hookah, there is no need of soaps and brushes if you wash it frequently.

Wash the hose every week, the best thing is to leave the hose all night in the sink.

After trying different molasses flavour, try combining the them, for example:

* Mint & Rose
* Apple & Rose
* Mint & Melon
* Strawberry & Banana
* Cheery & Coke
* Mango & Fishing

To have a fruity aroma and a more aromatic smell, put the some fruit in the jar, lemon you will feel more, but also try strawberries or raspberries.

Add ice if you want a cooler smoke

Depending on your mood or taste, you can add wine, vodka or orange juice in the jar.

* If you want to try the wine, use white wine for lighter tastes like fresh mint and instead use the red wine tastes like grapes or double apple.

* Vodka adds aroma of licorice, it is good with melon, apple, mint, apricot, ...

* You do not have to fill the entire jar with wine or vodka, one or two small glasses are enough.

You can smoke Hash or Grass mixing them with flavored tobacco, the smoke of grass will be like a light bong without the 'hit' while smoking hash will make the experience more relaxing. The effect more similar to the vaporizer rather then the bong. After a proper smoke of half an hour, getting up you will notice the colors and feel a bit as after a voporizing session or after taking pleasant mushrooms. It is certinly an experience worth trying!

And if I was not clear enough and you have doubts ... Search for a video and everything gets simple ... Go on You Tube

... Hookah and Accessories

For more information, please visit this articles web page.

This article was published on Thursday 03 June, 2010.
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