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The word bong is probabily derived from the Thai word "baung" indicating a cut bamboo used precisely for smoking. It was invented for assonance by US soldiers smoking during the Vietnam War, afterwards the American exiles living in Amsterdam brought the word to Europe.

What is a Bong? A bong is a water pipe ie a pipe where the smoke will be filtered and cooled by the water making the smoke smoother, aromatic and pleasant.

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Bong Accessories
Bong Accessories

Bong Cleaning
Bong Cleaning

Glass (without Box)
Glass (without Box)

in Plexiglass
in Plexiglass

Mini Glass
Mini Glass

Oil Rigs
Oil Rigs

Oil Rigs - Wax Bongs In our extensive BHO range you can buy several oil rigs, bubblers and pipes specially designed for the use of cannabis concentrates, also called dabs. These wax bongs and pipes ar...
Special Bongs
Special Bongs

Glass (with Box)
Glass (with Box)

Petri Dish 55mm, Petrie dish, Petri plate, cell-culture dish
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Petri Dish 55mm
MiniBong con Grinder,
Zoom In
MiniBong con Grinder
Bong Precooler 14.5mm, Ash Catcher, glass double filter, pre-cooler,
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Bong Precooler 14.5mm
Vaporizer Downpipe 14.5mm, oil bowl, adapter, freebase, dmt, oil burner, oil bubbler, glass dick bong adapter
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Vaporizer Downpipe 14.5mm
Glass Mini Oil Bong 13cm, freebase bong pipe, dmt water pipe, freebaze, Oil Burner Pipe, Oil Bubbler, meth water pipes, bong
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Glass Mini Oil Bong 13cm
Vaporizer Downpipe VapoCane 14.5mm/19mm,
Zoom In
Vaporizer Downpipe VapoCane 14.5mm/19mm
Naked Lady Pussy Bong, Crystal Nude Woman Pipe, Glass Naked women shaped pipe
Naked Lady Pussy Bong
Large Wooden Bowl Engraved Leaf, bong cup
Large Wooden Bowl Engraved Leaf
Bowl for Plexiglass Bong Small, cup, waterpipe metal bowls
Bowl for Plexiglass Bong Small
Bong Downpipe with Seal 10-15mm, glass downtube
Bong Downpipe with Seal 10-15mm
Killer Bongs Lady Killer Acrylic Icebong 40cm,
Killer Bongs Lady Killer Acrylic Icebong 40cm
Killer Bongs The Ripper Acrylic Icebong 50cm,
Killer Bongs The Ripper Acrylic Icebong 50cm
Ash Catcher 19mm with Percolator and Vapor Dome, precooler, pre-cooler
Ash Catcher 19mm with Percolator and Vapor Dome
Extensible Diffuser Adapter 18.8mm, Bong diffusor, downstem
Extensible Diffuser Adapter 18.8mm
Mini Gas lighter Clipper, Bong, barbeque lighter, clipper minitube lighter, kitchen lighter
Mini Gas lighter Clipper
Gas Mask Bong Rasta, Masket Pipe, Mascket
Gas Mask Bong Rasta
Raw Hemp Wick 100cm, ITAL hemp cord
Raw Hemp Wick 100cm
Glass Screen for Bong Bowl, brass pipe screens, bong gauzes
Glass Screen for Bong Bowl
Raw Hemp Wick 400cm, ITAL hemp cord
Raw Hemp Wick 400cm
Lift-Off Cup de Luxe, downtube
Lift-Off Cup de Luxe
Boost Cane Icebong 49cm/5mm,
Boost Cane Icebong 49cm/5mm
DoublePoP - Lighter with Brazier,
DoublePoP - Lighter with Brazier
I-TAL Hemp Wick, ITAL hemp cord
I-TAL Hemp Wick
Ice Cube Tray Cannabis Leaf, Marijuana Leaf
Ice Cube Tray Cannabis Leaf
Diffuser Adapter 14.5mm, Bong diffusor, downstem
Diffuser Adapter 14.5mm
Diffuser Adapter 18.8mm, Bong diffusor, downstem
Diffuser Adapter 18.8mm
Boost Bong Adapter 18.8-18.8mm, bong Coupling, downstem, bong glass slider
Boost Bong Adapter 18.8-18.8mm
Glass Stopper 14.5mm, Bong Plug, Waterpipe Plug
Glass Stopper 14.5mm
Large Wooden Bowl, bong cup
Large Wooden Bowl
Glass Bong 26cm with Triple Honey Comb Filter,
Glass Bong 26cm with Triple Honey Comb Filter
Giga Bong 74cm/3mm Medium Thick,
Giga Bong 74cm/3mm Medium Thick
Bong Narcotic 68cm,
Bong Narcotic 68cm
Minibong 14cm Rasta,
Minibong 14cm Rasta
Glass Bowl with Rasta Notches and Handle 18.8mm, bong bowl, ground joint, glasscup, Purebowl
Glass Bowl with Rasta Notches and Handle 18.8mm
Metal Vaporizer Chillum,
Metal Vaporizer Chillum
Kooler Bucket Bong, buckket, bucket, buket, gravity bong, Dry bong, Pump Gun Glass Ppie
Kooler Bucket Bong
Acrylic Pipe Tattoo 52cm, bong
Acrylic Pipe Tattoo 52cm
Steal Needle with Hemp Leaf, Bong Cup Needle, Bong Bowl Cleaner
Steal Needle with Hemp Leaf
Bong Extension,
Bong Extension
Large Bong Bowl, bong cup, waterpipe metal bowls
Large Bong Bowl
Rasta Bong Coloured 16cm,
Rasta Bong Coloured 16cm
Glass Penis Shotgun Pipe, Dick Pipe, Cock Bong, Penis Shaped Pipe
Glass Penis Shotgun Pipe

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