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You are a smoker and you want to buy an ashtray online or you simply want to make gift? Our shop offers a wide collection of rasta ashtrays, metal ashtrays, glass, wood or resin, with push or trash not to mention the range Cannabuds! You will find the ashtray that fits you best.

Cigarette Extinghuishers
Cigarette Extinghuishers

Odorless Ashtray
Odorless Ashtray

This section is dedicated to odorless ashtrays, which are essential in order to keep your home tidy and to try to limit the terrible smell of cigarette butts. Apart from ashtrays with lid and classic...
Pocket Ashtrays
Pocket Ashtrays

Standing Ashtrays
Standing Ashtrays

Butt Bucket Phosphorescent, Plastic Bottle Self Extinguishing Ashtray, holds cigarettes, Cigarette Snuffers
Zoom In
Butt Bucket Phosphorescent
Skull Resin Ashtray 14cm,
Zoom In
Skull Resin Ashtray 14cm
Butts Mini Bag, Stubs Bag, Packet Ashtray
Zoom In
Butts Mini Bag
Metal Saverette, Joint Metal Holder, jointtube, jointube, Doob tube, Savarette
Zoom In
Metal Saverette
Tin Metal Ashtray Starfucks Amsterdam,
Zoom In
Tin Metal Ashtray Starfucks Amsterdam
Windashtray Stripes, Pushdown, spinningtop ashtray
Zoom In
Windashtray Stripes
Thick Glass Coloured Ashtray, Cigar Ashtray
Thick Glass Coloured Ashtray
Tin Metal Ashtray Coffeeshop, Coffee Shop
Tin Metal Ashtray Coffeeshop
Cannabuds Pouf Stash Ashtray, Pouf Stash Box
Cannabuds Pouf Stash Ashtray
Ashtray with Spring Lid "Euro",
Ashtray with Spring Lid "Euro"
Amsterdam Tin Metal Ashtray, I Love Ams
Amsterdam Tin Metal Ashtray
Classic Round Metal Ashtray,
Classic Round Metal Ashtray
Ashtray Rastaman with Womam,
Ashtray Rastaman with Womam
Ashtray Rastaman 16 x 11cm,
Ashtray Rastaman 16 x 11cm
Ashtray Rastaman 14cm,
Ashtray Rastaman 14cm
Pocket Ashtray 1 Euro Coin, keyring
Pocket Ashtray 1 Euro Coin
Candy Skull Ashtray & Leaf, Ashtray Mexican Skull
Candy Skull Ashtray & Leaf
Push Down Ashtray Playboy Rabbit,
Push Down Ashtray Playboy Rabbit
Marijuana Leaves Tin Metal Ashtray, Cannabis
Marijuana Leaves Tin Metal Ashtray
Buds Metal Ashtray, marijuana, cannabis
Buds Metal Ashtray
Womanizer Tin Metal Ashtray,
Womanizer Tin Metal Ashtray
Hot Lips Tin Metal Ashtray,
Hot Lips Tin Metal Ashtray
Standing Ashtray,
Standing Ashtray
Amsterdam & Leaf Tin Metal Ashtray, I Love Ams
Amsterdam & Leaf Tin Metal Ashtray
I Love Amsterdam Tin Metal Ashtray, I Love Ams
I Love Amsterdam Tin Metal Ashtray
Red Light District Tin Metal Ashtray, Red Light District Amsterdam
Red Light District Tin Metal Ashtray
Retro Stars Tin Metal Ashtray,
Retro Stars Tin Metal Ashtray
Hardcore Ashtray,
Hardcore Ashtray
Ashtray Naked Lady,
Ashtray Naked Lady
Hardcore Ashtray,
Hardcore Ashtray
Frosted Thick Glass Cigar Ashtray,
Frosted Thick Glass Cigar Ashtray
Skull Ashtray,
Skull Ashtray
Ashtray Naked Lady, naked girl
Ashtray Naked Lady
RAW Pocket Ashtray Mini Bag, Butts Mini Bag, Stubs
RAW Pocket Ashtray Mini Bag
Cigarette Extinguisher Boobs, breast, bosom, chest, teats
Cigarette Extinguisher Boobs
Glass Hashtrays Leaf 8cm, marijuana, cannabis
Glass Hashtrays Leaf 8cm
Thick Glass Ashtray Skull,
Thick Glass Ashtray Skull
Thick Glass Ashtray -  Mexican Skull,
Thick Glass Ashtray - Mexican Skull
Monster Stash Ashtray,
Monster Stash Ashtray
Beach Cone Wind Ashtray with Lid,
Beach Cone Wind Ashtray with Lid
Cannabuds Ashtrays Surf Dude,
Cannabuds Ashtrays Surf Dude

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