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SuperBong 67cm with Box,
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 SuperBong 67cm with Box 
:: 18.8mm Joint Size
:: 5cm Diameter
:: 3mm Glass
 0810 8904030008109 
Kit Basic 70Watt,
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 Kit Basic 70Watt 
Sistema di illuminazione completo di:
:: Lampada HPS - OSRAM VIALOX® NAV-E (SON-E) 70W/I
:: Sistema di Accensione Cablato
:: Spina (UNIVERSALE), Cavo e Portalampada.

Per 1 vaso o poco più
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Plasma Lamp, Plasmaball, coil globe
 Plasma Lamp 
Plasmaball, coil globe
Respond to touch, voice an music.

Plasma lamps (also variously plasma globes, balls, domes, spheres, tubes or orbs) are novelty items which were most popular in the 1980s. The plasma lamp was invented by Nikola Tesla after his experimentation with high frequency currents in an evacuated glass tube for the purpose of studying high voltage phenomena, but the modern versions were first designed by Bill Parker.[1] Tesla called this invention an inert gas discharge tube.<

A plasma lamp is a clear glass orb, filled with a mixture of various gases—most commonly helium and neon, but sometimes also xenon and krypton at low pressure (below 0.01 atmospheres)[2]—and driven by high frequency alternating current at approximately 35 kHz, 2–5 kV, generated by a high voltage transformer. A much smaller orb in its center serves as an electrode. Plasma filaments extend from the inner electrode to the outer glass insulator, giving the appearance of multiple constant beams of colored light (see corona discharge and electric glow discharge). The beams initially follow the electric field lines of the dipole, but move upwards due to convection.

Placing a hand near the glass alters the high-frequency electric field causing a single beam to migrate from the inner ball to the point of contact. An electric current is produced within any conductive object near the orb, as the glass does not block the electromagnetic field created by the electric current flowing through the plasma (though the insulator does block the current itself. The glass acts as a dielectric in a capacitor formed between the ionized gas and the hand. Plasma Lamp 
Plasmaball, coil globe
Hanna pHep® - pHmeter 0.1 pH, ph tester, PH monitor
 Hanna pHep® - pHmeter 0.1 pH 
ph tester, PH monitor
 Hanna pHep® - pHmeter 0.1 pH 
ph tester, PH monitor
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Fire Extinguisher Stash Hider, Stashcan, Fire extinguisher safe
 Fire Extinguisher Stash Hider 
Stashcan, Fire extinguisher safe
This is small U.S. 'Fire Extinguisher that has two secret hiding places for storing valuables such as; money, jewellery, documents, USB-sticks and other things that are not to be found! The bottom of the fire extinguisher screws off and with a diameter of 70mm can hold quite some stash. The second stash is located in the propellant cartridges, which is also detachable. An absolutely safe, secret place...

Product Details:
Height: 290mm
Diameter: Ø 70mm
Features: 2 stash compartments
 Fire Extinguisher Stash Hider 
Stashcan, Fire extinguisher safe
 SF-412 STASH-75 
Dreadlocks Wig, Rastafari Wig, Bob Marley Wig
 Dreadlocks Wig 
Rastafari Wig, Bob Marley Wig
 Dreadlocks Wig 
Rastafari Wig, Bob Marley Wig
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Poker Set in Alum. Case - 300 chips,
 Poker Set in Alum. Case - 300 chips 
300 chips, 5 dice, 2 decks of cards
Oxana Pussy and Ass, vagin and anus
 Oxana Pussy and Ass 
vagin and anus
Lifelike replica of Oxana's intimate parts made of skin-like Cyberskin material. Vaginal and anal opening Ø: very flexible. Material: TPR.

Don't let Oxana wait too long! Soft to the touch, ready for anything - with this true-to-life masturbator you can enjoy absolutely natural first-rate sex. Made of Cyberskin - with this masturbator you can enjoy the real-life sensations this material provides either vaginally or anally, just as you wish. Ready, set, and off to the races for a little fun with sex! Oxana Pussy and Ass 
vagin and anus
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Kit with Energy Saving Lamp Elektrox 125W, Phytolite
 Kit with Energy Saving Lamp Elektrox 125W 
Energy Saving Lamp Elektrox for growth, bloom or growth & bloom = DUAL - 2700 / 6500 K
- 6U
- E40 socket
- Electronic instant start built-in-ballast
 Kit with Energy Saving Lamp Elektrox 125W 
Body Bag Large 34cm,
 Pure Hemp 
 Body Bag Large 34cm 
26 x 34 x 6 cm, 530g
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Displaying 1 to 10 (of 37 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  [Next >>] 

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